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241. "Muck" Train on Dump "Muck" Train on Dump Irrigation--Dams Steam locomotive on dirt dump

242. "My Catch" "My Catch" People Mildren Stephenson and Add Layman

243. "New Meets Old" "New Meets Old" Events--Rodeos 2 Native Americans on horseback fram a "Cowboy" holding a copy of "The Electrical Record"

244. "No Man's Land" "No Man's Land" Wars--World War I; "No Man's LAnd" from the trenches

245. "No Man's Land" "No Man's Land" Wars--World War I; Village Square in Bouresches. This village lay for a long time in "no man's land". The great oak that shaded the square was pelted by shell fire and every house in the village was practically destroyed....

246. "No Man's Land" "No Man's Land" Wars--World War I Looking over "no man's land" in American sector; German headquarters in the distance.

247. "Official Umpires" "Official Umpires" Schools--City--High--Yakima High group of women standing in front of Yakima High School. Featured on page 79 in the 1927 "Lolomi"

248. "Our Pet" "Our Pet" Irrigation--Dams Tieton Dam workers adopted pet squirrel

249. "Out for a Bear Hunt" "Out for a Bear Hunt" Sports--Hunting; Unnamed woman holding a rifle with a man onlooking and dog watching whatever she plans to shoot. Notation on back of picture says "Out for a bear hunt."

250. "Outcasts" magazine "Outcasts" magazine People Front cover of "Outcasts" magazine with photo of Japanese mother and child.

251. "Outcasts" magazine "Outcasts" magazine People Last page of "Outcasts" magazine, quote from Pres. Roosevelt regarding relocation.

252. "Pay Streak" "Pay Streak" Events--Fairs--Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition; Looking down the midway, or "Pay Streak" at the A.Y.E.

253. "Pill Boxes" "Pill Boxes" Wars--World War I Two of the "pill boxes" on the west end of Blanc Mont. These are typical of many used by the Germans. It was against these that the Marines made their historic charge on Oct. 5. One battalion alone capturing...

254. "Police Pretties" "Police Pretties" Events--Diamond Jubilee; Mrs. M.A. Bachison, left, shows her stockings to Mrs. C.H. Cox as part of pre-Diamond Jubilee dress-up. Mrs Bachison is a police matron and Mrs. Cox is secretary to police chief.

255. "Prairie" Rose Smith "Prairie" Rose Smith Events--Rodeos "Prairie" Rose Smith and her palomino horse

256. "Recreation Alley" "Recreation Alley" Wars--World War I "Recreation Alley" Camp Hunt LeCourneau, France

257. "Scotty" and His Mule "Scotty" and His Mule Irrigation--Dams Man named Scotty __________? - a couple of buildings in background

258. "Second Place Team" Baseball "Second Place Team" Baseball Schools--City--High--North Yakima High; The second place girls baseball team. Featured as part of "our girls" collage on page 79 of 1927 "Lolomi" Helen Van Dusen is back row third from the right.

259. "Sis" Anthon "Sis" Anthon People; "Sis" Anthon, Herald Republic reporter with a horse.

260. "Sleigh Belles" "Sleigh Belles" Schools--City--High--North Yakima High; Yakima High School "Sleigh Belles" featured on page 89 of the 1926 "Lolomi"
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results 241-260 of 20439 item(s)  page 13 of 1022 : ( <<  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  >> ) :: previous : next
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