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201. 9th Avenue 9th Avenue Streets; Grading of 9th Avenue durning construction of street, date unknown.

202. ? Jones ? Jones People from Splawn album

203. 'A' Street 'A' Street Streets; 'A' Street in foreground looking East. Large Building in picture is the Larson Theater. Picture taken from City Hall.

204. 'B' Street 'B' Street Streets; 'B' Street looking South to railroad depot showing park area along tracks.

205. 'When Yakima Baked the Big Apple Pie' 'When Yakima Baked the Big Apple Pie' Agriculture--Crops--Apples-Promotion; Newspaper photo of women peeling apples to be used to make the big apple pie.

206. "A Good Team" "A Good Team" Irrigation--Dams An unidentified man and his draft horse team

207. "A Gypsy Pair" "A Gypsy Pair" Schools 2 unidentified women dressed as "Gypsies" an unused "Pears" photo

208. "A Scottish Pair" "A Scottish Pair" Schools 2 unidentified women in Scottish dress, and unused "Pears" photo

209. "Activities" "Activities" Schools--City--High--North Yakima High; Photo from "Activities" Title photo from the 1926 "Lolomi" page 65

210. "Baldy" "Baldy" Agriculture--Livestock--Sheep "Baldy"

211. "Baseball Champions" Womens "Baseball Champions" Womens Schools--City--High--North Yakima High; Yakima High School women's baseball champions. Featured as part of "Our Girls" collage on page 79 of 1927 "Lolomi" Back Row second from left is Irene Carlton ('29)

212. "Big Thompson" "Big Thompson" Rivers; Piseatorail paradise "Big Thompson"

213. "Biggest" Horse in France "Biggest" Horse in France Wars--World War I Donkey and cart at Camp Hunt LeCourneau, France

214. "Box Houses" "Box Houses" Agriculture--Facilities--Storage; "Box Houses" stored from season to season - Yakima, WA.

215. "Bull Cook" "Bull Cook" People; "The Bull Cook"

216. "Cowichyee Creek" "Cowichyee Creek" Rivers "Cowichyee Creek" from the Remy Collection

217. "Dinkey" "Dinkey" Irrigation--Dams Steam locomotive nicknamed "Dinkey"

218. "Donkey" "Donkey" Irrigation--Dams A steam engine pulley nicknamed "Donkey"

219. "Donkey" Engine on Cableway "Donkey" Engine on Cableway Irrigation--Dams A "Donkey" engine being moved by cableway at Tieton Dam construction site

220. "Doughnut Girl" "Doughnut Girl" Wars--World War I Lieut. Young of the Salvation Army. "That Doughnut Girl," a prime favorite with thousands of American soldiers.
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results 201-220 of 20439 item(s)  page 11 of 1022 : ( <<  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  >> ) :: previous : next
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