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1. Crest of the Dam Crest of the Dam Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; At the crest of the dam and emergency control.

2. Dam Tunnel Dam Tunnel Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Tieton Dam spillway.

3. Before the Dam Before the Dam Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; 1921 where Tieton Dam now stands.

4. Needle Valves Needle Valves Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Needle valves at tunnel mouth.

5. Reservoir Reservoir Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Water in the Tieton Reservoir.

6. Westfall Rock Westfall Rock Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Westfall Rock and the Tieton below Rimrock.

7. Camp Village Camp Village Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Dam from below druing construction showing camp buildings.

8. Title Page Title Page Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Official Souvenir of Tieton Dam construction.

9. Trash Rack Trash Rack Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Trash rack at the upper tunnel entrance.

10. In the Tunnel In the Tunnel Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; In the tunnel.

11. Rimrock Camp Rimrock Camp Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Winter at Rimrock.

12. Dam Completion Dam Completion Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Tieton Dam picture completed in April 1925.

13. Aerial View Aerial View Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Dam from above during construction.

14. Cottonwood Lane Cottonwood Lane Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Cottonwood Lane on the road to Rimrock.

15. Rimrock Camp Rimrock Camp Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Rimrock camp from above.

16. Spillway Weir Spillway Weir Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Spillway weir from reservoir side.

17. Spillway Gate Spillway Gate Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Hauling in a 13 ton spillway gate.

18. Electric Shovel Electric Shovel Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; The big electric shovel at work.

19. History History Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; Tieton Dam history page and picture identities.

20. Watershed Info Watershed Info Irrigation--Dams--Rimrock; The Tieton Watershed information.
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results 1-20 of 21 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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