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 Image: Title: Subject: Description:

1. Carroll Hull Carroll Hull People Interview with Carroll Meredith Hull. Fruit growing by 3 generations of the Hulls. Time 52:55

2. Lillian Woodcock Lillian Woodcock People Oral History - Lillian Sedge McNamara/ Lillian Woodcock - Lillian Woodcock (Mrs. Marion) of Ahtanum, who still lives on the farm on 79th Ave. which has been and is being farmed by 5 generations of Woodcocks....

3. Group Photograph Group Photograph People; A group photograph taken on a large porch. Mr. Matsushita is he fifth gentleman up from the front row on the far left. Kara and Tak Kondo are on the far right in the second row.

4. Three People Three People People; A young man in overalls and two women in close-fitting hats. Written beneath: A hard up looking bunch.

5. Garrett & Ema Garrett & Ema People "stood up with the kids"

6. Unnamed Woman Unnamed Woman People Photo of an unnamed woman with her hair up.

7. Unnamed Woman Unnamed Woman People Woman wearing a coursage and with her hair up.

8. Unnamed Woman Unnamed Woman People Unnamed older woman with hair up.

9. Brock Family Photo Brock Family Photo People; Harleth, born in Port Angeles, WA. Moved to Yakima in an overland roadster (over Snoqualime Pass) fall of 1919. Uncle Percy Brock could not get him to look up as he saw that rock on the ground.

10. Portrait Portrait People; Photo of young lady proped up in bed - unknown.

11. Horseback Horseback People Beauty with Mildred up.

12. Beauty and Mildred Beauty and Mildred People; Beauty with Mildred up.

13. Barge Family Barge Family People; Ethel, Walter, Frank and Jim Barge. Taken in Payette, Idaho in 1952. Jim had come up from California.

14. Burmese civilians Burmese civilians People--William O. Douglas; Villagers lined up to see WOD

15. Burmese villagers Burmese villagers People--William O. Douglas; Burmese villagers lined up along roadside.

16. Greece Greece People--William O. Douglas WOD looking up at sky with other officials

17. Greece Greece People--William O. Douglas Officials lined up for a photograph.

18. Himalaya fishing Himalaya fishing People--William O. Douglas WOD holding up some fish he caught.

19. India India People--William O. Douglas; People lined up outside a building

20. Switzerland Switzerland People--William O. Douglas; Tram track up mountain
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results 1-20 of 29 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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