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1. Carroll Hull Carroll Hull People Interview with Carroll Meredith Hull. Fruit growing by 3 generations of the Hulls. Time 52:55

2. McCulloh house McCulloh house People; Houses; McCulloh house, Snipe Mountain/Sunnyside, corner of Bridge Street and Crescent Ave. Harrington/Rawland house next door. Approx 1912

3. McCulloh Saddle Horse McCulloh Saddle Horse People; Washington--Sunnyside; Ernest S. McCulloh's saddle horse. 1912. In the back yard at the McCulloh house. The Harrington/Rowland house is in the background. The last members of that family to live in that house were the Sopect...

4. Woman Outside a House Woman Outside a House People Woman standing outside a house

5. Woman Laughing Woman Laughing people Woman dressed in fancy clothing walking away from house, smiling. Another lady on porch of house watching.

6. Bunten House Bunten House People; Bunten House on 24th & Nob HIll Blvd

7. Flood Flood People C.B. Hess family photos - "This is our apricot and cherry tree on the south side of our house. The car is in front of Jim's house"

8. 2003-064-030 2003-064-030 People Vandiver's

9. 2003-064-026 2003-064-026 People Baby John H. Vandiver ?

10. 2003-064-027 2003-064-027 People Vandiver family

11. Lady of the House Lady of the House People; In Memory of Marlene Lunceford - Produced by Connie Little. YCTV

12. Jack Lines Jack Lines People Interview with Jack Lines. Part of the interview was conducted at the Yakima Valley Museum and the rest at Jack's house. Jack is an ex-music teacher and interested in preserving the musical history of...

13. Unidentified Family Unidentified Family People A family in front of a house, snow on the ground

14. Japanese group photo Japanese group photo People Group photo of unidentified Japanese adults and children, taken on lawn of house

15. Unidentified Family Unidentified Family People Unidentified Family in front of House (same family as in 033)

16. Japanese Family Japanese Family People; Japanese family posing beside wooden house.

17. Two Women Two Women People; Mrs. Saito, Kiyoko Matsushita, and puppy in front of a house.

18. Two Boys Two Boys People; Transportation--Bicycles; Two boys with a bicycle on the porch of a house. The photograph is inscribed "Cecil and Coleman 1944."

19. Three Women Three Women People; Recreation; Three young Japanese women posing in front of wooden house. "Amy, Kara, ?"

20. Farm Scene Farm Scene People; Transportation--Auto; Transportation--Carriages & Carts; Agriculture--Livestock--Horses; Clipping of a photograph with the heading "Farm Scene" showing men, women, and children; horses; farm house and vehicles. Probably the farm of Japanese pioneers.
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results 1-20 of 85 item(s)  page 1 of 5 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  >> ) :: previous : next
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