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1. Grandview Depot Grandview Depot Transportation--Railroads--Depots; Railroad, train

2. Grandview Locomotive Grandview Locomotive Transportation--Railroads--North Coast First locomotive entering Grandview. Northcoast Railroad. Train

3. Trolley Train Trolley Train Streets--Yakima Avenue--1900 to 1910; On Yakima Avenue, looking East from the intersection of First Street, a crew is working on trolley tracks and street. Train, railroad, transportation. (Note 6th floor on Miller Building, which would place...

4. Passenger Train Passenger Train Transportation--Union Pacific; First North coast train in from Walla Walla.

5. Town Site Town Site Washington--Beverly; View of Beverly Washington durning the construction of railroad bridge.

6. Oregon-Washington Railroad Oregon-Washington Railroad Transportation--Railroads; O-W. R. & N. first train to North Yakima, March 22 1911

7. Miller Building Miller Building Commercial--Facilities--Office Buildings; Postcard of the Miller Building, North Yakima, WA, written to Mrs. George Jehle, Pano, Ill., from O. Jehle, 9/20/1911. "That fried chicken you put up was all right but it didn't last long enough. I met...

8. Railroad Railroad Transportation--Railroads; Oregon- Washington Railroad and Navigation Company. March 22, 1911.

9. Railroad Carload Railroad Carload Transportation--Railroads; Railroad carload of 630 boxes of apples to be exported to Sam Haines, London. Grown by H. M. Gilbert. Came from National Apple Show in Spokane.

10. First O. W. R. & N. Train First O. W. R. & N. Train Transportation--Railroads; First O. W. R. & N. train-sometime early in 1911. Special train was run from N. Yakima down line to Benton City and return that day, with stops at various places. Big crowd at Granger.
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results 1-10 of 10 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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