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181. Remains of Vaux Remains of Vaux Wars--World War I Remains of Vaux. On July 1, 1918, by a brilliant attack by the Ninth and Twenty-third Regiments Infantry of the Second Division, this village, situated at the foot of the famous Hill 204, was taken.

182. German Prisoners German Prisoners Wars--World War I A group of German prisoners under guard of Company L, Ninth Infantry, on way to the rear. Laronville, France. September 12, 1918. During the great American drive on St. Mihiel Salient.

183. Chatteau-Thierry Chatteau-Thierry Wars--World War I Where U. S. Marines defended the crossing of the Marne.

184. Hospital Train Hospital Train Wars--World War I Hospital Train No. 54 at Horreville, France. April 26, 1918.

185. First Lieut. Richard S. Hevenor First Lieut. Richard S. Hevenor Wars--World War I First Lieut. Richard S. Hevenor, Second Division, Ninth Regiment, United States Infantry, and Miss Margaret Moore, of Miss Anne Morgan's unit of American Commission for Devestated Regions of France, married...

186. Church Destroyed Church Destroyed Wars--World War I Crucifix the only part of the church not destroyed. Vaux, France.

187. 302 Field Batallion 302 Field Batallion Wars--World War I Members of the Three Hundred and Second Field Battalion, Signal Corps, billeting with M. Chauvallors, a Frenchman, his wife, and 12 children. Coulommiers, France, August 1918.

188. Supply Train Supply Train Wars--World War I Supply train on Paris-Metz road keeping up with the advancing Army. Near Vaux, France, July 1918.

189. Chateau-Theirry Entrance Chateau-Theirry Entrance Wars--World War I A group of American soldiers at the entrance to the old chateau after which Chateau-Theirry gets its name. This entrance and the chateau were constructed in the eleventh and twelfth centuries.

190. First Review of American Armies First Review of American Armies Wars--World War I First review of American Armies on the Rhine by their commander-in-chief. (Copy of a newspaper article.)

191. "Essen Hook" "Essen Hook" Wars--World War I A "close up" of the famous "Essen Hook" on the left and outside of the Second Division sector, declared by military experts to be one of the most strongly natural and artificial fortified positions protecting...

192. Ninth Regiment Infantry Band Ninth Regiment Infantry Band Wars--World War I Ninth Regiment Infantry Band, Second Division, entertaining the Belgians. Germaine Van Valkenberg, neice of the mayor, is donating a large bouquet of flowers and an American flag to the band. The donation...

193. Belleau Wood Belleau Wood Wars--World War I Wheat field on the edge of Belleau Wood.

194. Dental Infirmary Dental Infirmary Wars--World War I Dental Infirmary of the One Hundred and Sixty-first United States Infantry (formerly Second Washington Infantry and detachments from District of Columbia Infantry). Lieut. A. H. Nolan (on left) and dental...

195. Salvation Army Salvation Army Wars--World War I The only women that were so near the front were the Salvation Army lassies, who fried doughnuts under fire, and the funds given then from the Welfare Drive are now used up.

196. "Jump Off" Point "Jump Off" Point Wars--World War I Picture taken from about the center of the "jump off" of the Second Division in their historic attack and capture of Blanc Mont in the Chapagne sector.

197. Wounded Wounded Wars--World War I Pvts. Dewey D. Smith, Company I; and George A. Hopkins, Company E, Ninth Infantry; and two Red Cross nurses who have been awarded the Croix de Guerre. Ancemont, France. May 1st, 1918.

198. American Red Cross American Red Cross Wars--World War I Outside of American Red Cross reconstruction headquarters at Vaux. Capt. F. H. Silbey and Capt. Fletcher Steele looking on. Vaux, France.

199. "No Man's Land" "No Man's Land" Wars--World War I Looking over "no man's land" in American sector; German headquarters in the distance.

200. Troops Being Rushed to the Front Troops Being Rushed to the Front Wars--World War I Ninth Infantry, Second Division, and French troops being rused to the front at Soissons sector. Chavigny, France. July 18, 1918.
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results 181-200 of 462 item(s)  page 10 of 24 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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