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1. Carroll Hull Carroll Hull People Interview with Carroll Meredith Hull. Fruit growing by 3 generations of the Hulls. Time 52:55

2. One Title Challenger One Title Challenger Sports--Boxing; Story on Henry Woods, "Boxing 'still greatest sport' to Yakima's Woods by Tom Burnside

3. Where are they now Where are they now Sports--Boxing; Where are they Now? A story about Henry Woods by Bruce Siebol

4. Library Portrait Library Portrait People; Arts & Crafts; Clothing & Dress--Men; Houses--Interiors; A portrait of a Japanese man seated on a wooden stool in a in front of a book cabinet. He is wearing a bow tie suit. There is a clock, a wall hanging with feathers, a sculpture, and books in the background....

5. Momiji Momiji Transportation--Boats; Natural Features--Forests; Arts & Crafts; Clothing & Dress--Ethnic; A postcard depicting Japanese art. "A modern Japanese picture 'Momiji'. (Summer Maple-tree.)" The abbreviation "O.S.K" and a red and white ship flag. The postcard "courtesy of Osaka Shosen Kaisha (Osaka...

6. Travel to China Travel to China People China Civil War. A group of travel images from a Matsushtita Kondo estate photo album. Top left: a Chinese open-aired restaurant with soldiers and officers at a station on Tsingtao-Tsinin R.R., Shongtung...

7. First Christian Church First Christian Church Churches; Members of the First Christian Church, North Third and B streets, North Yakima, 1909. Pictured are: Mary Bryson, Mrs. E.E. Knowles, Mrs. Julia Van Burskick, Clara G. Yeager, Mrs. P.J. Flint, Celeste L....

8. 2003-064-018 2003-064-018 Forests Postcard of a mountain trail

9. Houses Houses Houses Postcard "This is a picture of our home, myself and the children. This picture was taken in July, then this fall we build on a kitchen 12 ft. wide and 16ft. long also a bathroom and a large pantry. There...

10. Family Portrait Family Portrait People; Clothing & Dress--Family Groups; A family portrait of a man, woman, a young man, a young woman, a boy and a young girl.

11. Ornate Sets Ornate Sets Native Americans; Arts & Crafts; A photographic still life of a women's perfume and/or powder set; and a pen and inkwell set. Both have ornate clocks, birds, and trays. The inkwell set has glass inkwells and a Native American statue....

12. Yakima Hardware Yakima Hardware Commercial--Facilities--Hardware; Yakima Hardware Co. display case containing a scene of a train going over a bridge in rocky terrain with trees and a backdrop painting of a mountain and the words Headquarters for Outing and Fishing Supplies...

13. Shean Auto Shean Auto Commercial--Facilities--Auto; W.W. Sheane Auto Company on Naches Avenue. Pictured front row: Wallace Richardson, ? , Tom Fannigan, Andy Bogard, ? , George Barton, Earl Clevenger, Dean Shrimpton, ? , Joe Yolo, A. Walker, Russel Rowan,...

14. Henry Woods Henry Woods Sports--Boxing;

15. Family Portrait Family Portrait People; Clothing & Dress--Children; Clothing & Dress--Men; A portrait of a father and son. The man is wearing a thick flight jacket, either woollen or leather. The young boy is wearing a thick sweater and holding a baseball. Both are wearing machine sewn jeans...

16. Album Photographs Album Photographs People; Clothing & Dress--Ethnic; ; Clothing & Dress--Women; Clothing & Dress--Men; Clothing & Dress--Children; Page with six photograps from an album belonging to Kiyoko Matsushita. From left: portrait of a young man in military ; portrait of a little girl; smiling woman in kimono; man in a business suit on a boat;...

17. Group Photograph Group Photograph Houses; People; A group photograph of One man, three women and a young girl posing in front of a large bungalow style house. The wrap around porch has under supporting arches and lattice railing down the stairs. A monkey...

18. Group Portrait Group Portrait People; Clothing & Dress--Children; Clothing & Dress--Men; A portrait of a young man and a girl. The man is wearing a closed collar, metal button down suite, and a shiny brimmed military style hat. The girl is wearing Japanese formal attire.

19. Haying Scene Haying Scene Agriculture--Crops--Hay; Typical haying scene, Selah, WA. "This is similar to our own hay fields. They bunch it and have what they call a buck rake. The horses pushing the hay before them, about a sled load at a time. Great prong...

20. Horse Drawn Buggy Horse Drawn Buggy Transportation--Carriages & Carts; A man and a woman in a buggy drawn by a white (?) horse on a road along basalt columns.
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results 1-20 of 3323 item(s)  page 1 of 167 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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