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1. E. T. Perry E. T. Perry Houses; Residence of E. T. Perry on Nob Hill. N. 22nd Ave. and north of Yakima Ave. 16 N. 22nd Ave. Barge St. S.W. corner.

2. Yakima Avenue Yakima Avenue Streets--Yakima Avenue--1930 to 1950; Note on Herbert Barstow by Chuck Naasz: "Herbert Barstow owned a business in early Yakima. He lived on the corner of 18th Ave. and Browne Ave. The house is still there (2nd house east of 18th on Browne)....

3. Folder of Cards Folder of Cards Washington--Yakima; "Sight Seeing Automobile" folder of cards of Yakima Ave., Barge School, High School, The Big Red Apple in Washington, Y. M. C. A. Building, An Orchard Scene Yakima Valley, Public Library, Yakima Ave.,...

4. Yakima Ave. Yakima Ave. Streets--Yakima Avenue--1900 to 1910; Yakima Ave. looking east From Front St. The Washington Hotel on left and Miller Building. The street car tracks were laid before Yakima Ave. was paved with bricks.

5. Fire Station #2 Fire Station #2 Fire Department Postcard #24 Fire Station #2, Yakima, WA. 103 S. 7th Ave., 7th Ave. & Chestnut in use 1915-1997.

6. 919 or 1009 S. 9th Ave. 919 or 1009 S. 9th Ave. Houses Postcard "Charles and Goldie Ghanlar 919 0r 1009 S. 9th Ave., North Yakima." "John Flynn" Written to F. L. Bonn, White Bluffs, WA. "That's my Keine bruder" sitting on the porch. Well so long. G."

7. Yakima Valley Transportation Co. Yakima Valley Transportation Co. Transportation Photo Yakima Valley Transportation Co. No. 10 at 6th Ave. N. and W. Yakima Ave.

8. 924 S. 16th Ave. 924 S. 16th Ave. Houses Jack Lines home, 924 S. 16th Ave., Yakima, WA

9. 924 S. 16th Ave. 924 S. 16th Ave. Houses Jack Lines home, 924 S. 16th Ave., Yakima, WA

10. 924 S. 16th Ave. 924 S. 16th Ave. Houses 924 S. 16th Ave., Yakima, WA. Owned by Jack Lines.

11. Banner Bank Banner Bank Commercial--Facilities--Banks; This photo was taken at Banner Bank, May 2010. West Yakima Ave. and South 5th Ave. The reflection of the tower of First Presbyterian Church is very visible on the customer service window of the drive up...

12. 415 W. Yakima Ave. 415 W. Yakima Ave. Commercial--Facilities; 415 W. Yakima Ave.

13. Yakima Avenue Yakima Avenue Streets--Yakima Avenue; Part of a Postcard showing Yakima Ave. and Scotts Cash Store. "Yakima Ave looking east from Front Street. A sea of mud in winter and foot deep in dust in summer. The horse drawn roller in the middle of...

14. McAbee House McAbee House Houses--McAbee House House located at 3204 Sharon Way. Letter from Dr. Cornett, pioneer doctor in Yakima, "My brother John, who lives in these parts also, and I both recognize this house as one that stood on a 10 acre tract...

15. Trolley Trolley Transportation Trolley in front of a church "Horse car made from body of a Seattle Electric Car. Operated in May 1935 along Yakima Ave. from 2nd Ave. to 6th St. during Frontier Days Celebration."

16. Old Nob Hill School Old Nob Hill School Schools--City--Elementary--Nob Hill; Winter scene showing school and M. N. Richards barn with Webster orchard north of the shool. (Old Nob Hill School on Grandview Ave., now 32nd Ave.)

17. North Yakima Drug Store North Yakima Drug Store Commercial--Facilities--Drug Stores; Randolf Scudder, youngest child of Henry Scudder, on an elephant. Ad for A. D. Sloan Store, Yakima Ave., corner of East Yakima Ave. and So. First Street.

18. Cassius Lisk Cassius Lisk Commercial--Facilities--Grocery; Cassius Lisk and his son Byron inside the Golden Rule. Located on the south side of Yakima Ave. between 4th and 5th Ave.

19. Parade of Cars Parade of Cars Transportation--Auto; The parade of hardtops to races- the first race on the Yakima Speedway in 1956. We had 18 cars there. We went east from 6th Ave. down Yakima Ave. to the race track.

20. Naches Ave. Naches Ave. Streets--Naches Avenue So. Naches Ave.
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results 1-20 of 419 item(s)  page 1 of 21 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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