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1. Pier No. 3, Brest, France Pier No. 3, Brest, France Military--U.S. Navy; Pier No. 3, Port de Commerce, Brest, France. Most American troops were unloaded at this pier.

2. French Dirigible French Dirigible Military--U.S. Navy; French dirigible balloon used for observation work in escorting ships in and out of harbor. Brest, Finistere, France.

3. Soldiers Receive Decorations Soldiers Receive Decorations Wars--World War I Maj. Gen. Hunter Liggett shaking hands with Sgt. J. Bushman, Company G, Ninth Infantry, whom he had decorated with the Medaille Militare and Croix de Guerre. He captured a machine gun nest at Soissons....

4. American Docks American Docks Wars--World War I Cranes hoisting 1350 pounds of oats from United States transport. Bordeaux, France.

5. S. S. Sixaola S. S. Sixaola Wars--World War I S. S. Sixaola leaving for United States, with officers and enlisted men on board. Bordeaux, Gironde, France.

6. Ruined Church Ruined Church Wars--World War I Church ruined by shell fire, but Crucifix untouched. Lucy, France. Julty 21, 1918.

7. Premier Georges Clemenceau Premier Georges Clemenceau Wars--World War I Premier Georges Clemenceau congratulating American officers on their good work in the American sector. Left to right: Maj. Gen. Omar Bundy, Second Division; Premier Clemenceau; and Gen. Deganette, of French...

8. Infantry Coming Into Soissons Infantry Coming Into Soissons Wars--World War I Ninth and Twenty-third Infantry, Second Division, coming into Soissons sector from Chateau-Thierry after a forced march. Chavigny, France. July 18, 1918.

9. Wounded Wounded Wars--World War I Second Lieut. Harry F. Kelly, Company L, Ninth Infantry; Pvt. A. J. Brown, Company N, Ninth Infantry; and a Red Cross nurse who have been awarded the Croix de Guerre. Ancemont, France. May 1st, 1918.

10. German Prisoners German Prisoners Wars--World War I A group of German prisoners under guard of Company L, Ninth Infantry, on way to the rear. Laronville, France. September 12, 1918. During the great American drive on St. Mihiel Salient.

11. 105 mm Field Gun 105 mm Field Gun Wars--World War I A 105 mm field gun captured by Second Division, July 1918. Gun marked on top of barrel with emblem of Crown initials W. R. and the motto "Ultima ratio regis." W. R. stands for William II Rex. Gun marked...

12. Hospital Train Hospital Train Wars--World War I Hospital Train No. 54 at Horreville, France. April 26, 1918.

13. Church Destroyed Church Destroyed Wars--World War I Crucifix the only part of the church not destroyed. Vaux, France.

14. Wounded Wounded Wars--World War I Pvts. Dewey D. Smith, Company I; and George A. Hopkins, Company E, Ninth Infantry; and two Red Cross nurses who have been awarded the Croix de Guerre. Ancemont, France. May 1st, 1918.

15. American Red Cross American Red Cross Wars--World War I Outside of American Red Cross reconstruction headquarters at Vaux. Capt. F. H. Silbey and Capt. Fletcher Steele looking on. Vaux, France.

16. Evacuation Hospital No. 7 Evacuation Hospital No. 7 Wars--World War I Evacuation Hospital No. 7. Bert Ford and Henry L. Wales, correspondents for the International News Service. Mrs. Wales was badly hurt in an automobile accident. Evacuation hospitals No. 6 and No. 7. Souilly,...

17. Troops Being Rushed to the Front Troops Being Rushed to the Front Wars--World War I Ninth Infantry, Second Division, and French troops being rused to the front at Soissons sector. Chavigny, France. July 18, 1918.

18. Cemetery No. 72 Cemetery No. 72 Wars--World War I Cemetery No. 72, Vaux, France. It contains 52 bodies, all Americans.

19. German Prisoners German Prisoners Wars--World War I Soldier Harry Dove, Headquarters Company, Ninth Regiment Inantry, Second Dvision, giving a cigarette to a prisoner headquarters Second Division, St. Jacques, France. Sept. 12, 1918.

20. Military Funeral Military Funeral Wars--World War I Funeral of First Lieut. Edward A. Larabee, Headquarters Company, Ninth Regiment & Infantry, aged 29, died Dec. 7, 1918, of spinal meningitis, secondary to gunshot wound in the head. Chaplain Peter J. Hershey...
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results 1-20 of 55 item(s)  page 1 of 3 : ( <<  1  2  3  >> ) :: previous : next
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