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1. Western Materials Western Materials Schools--City--Middle--Franklin; Franklin Middle School, Yakima, WA. Brick and block supplied by Yakima Cement Products.

2. Earl Evans Earl Evans People Earl Evans family on Nystrom place a short time before going to Washington. Right to Left: Jackie, Dad, Presley, Harry, Bill, Mom sitting in middle, George, Gene, Frances, in front about 1936.

3. Roza Schoolkids Roza Schoolkids Washington--Roza; Middle row: Second girl from left is Ruth Miller, fourth girl from left is Esther Miller

4. 1922 Syriwga Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star 1922 Syriwga Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star Organizations--Masons; Top row (L to R): M.A. Peacock, Edna Lugar, LuLu Vilikanje, Ethel Ness, Lillian Peck. Middle row: Savigart, Ella Babcock, Annette Wilex, Henry Traub, Nellie Peacock, Grace Irish. Bottom row: Florence Wilcox,...

5. Consistory Class #5 1922 Consistory Class #5 1922 Organizations--Masons; Group photo of Yakima Masons in Consistory Class No. 5, 1922. John E. Propp is in middle row, 2nd from right

6. Album Photographs Album Photographs People; Clothing & Dress--Ethnic; Clothing & Dress--Military; Clothing & Dress--Children; Page with three photograps from an album belonging to Kiyoko Matsushita. Top: an infant. Middle: Man dressed in military uniform. Bottom: child dressed in formal festival costume.

7. North Puyallup North Puyallup Schools; Grades 3 4 - Miss Edna Nelson L-R: Earling "BUd" Asbjornsen, Kathleen Bachman, Alice Muller, Louis Geisert, Phyllis Asbjornsen, Denny Pannell, Kay Farquar. Middle Row L-r: Jack Stamarris, Beverly Kinnear,...

8. Bettie & Dick Bettie & Dick Agriculture--Livestock--Sheep Dick facing to the right. Bettie in the middle

9. Tuscor, Montana Tuscor, Montana Agriculture--Livestock--Sheep Ralph W. in middle, Tuscor, Montana

10. Rowland's Grandchildren Rowland's Grandchildren People Rowland's Grandchildren in period coats and hats. Girl in the middle is Karen Van Wormer.

11. Garrett Garrett People Garret, the minister, Glenn, Me in the middle, mary, Eva, and mary Ellen in between, Mary and Eva, and then Lee. Taken just after the wedding service in our living room

12. Office Staff Office Staff Irrigation--Canals--Wapatox; Office staff for the Wapotox Canal project. 2nd row from top, middle man, is Robert Bayne. Robert (Bob) was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin where he majored in civil engineering.

13. Tieton Presbyterian Tieton Presbyterian Churches--Presbyterian; Tieton Presbyterian Church. Tieton grade school in middle of the picture.

14. Fort Cascade Fort Cascade Military--Facilities--Forts Exterior view of middle blockhouse, North Bank at Cascades near Stevenson Washington, built 1855.

15. Class Photo Class Photo Schools; Class Picture 1st Grade Castlevale. Teacher : Mrs. Bowman. Front Row --> Phillip Huff, Ira Zirkle, Ben Angleff, ? , Roy Sherwood, ? , McMurray, Richard wachameth, Phillip Foster, Leslie Vanhoosen. Middle...

16. Class Photo Class Photo Schools Class Picture 6th Grade, Castlevale Top - Ruth Michelson, pearson, Evelyn Bolstead, ___, Alfredo Rausch, Emolmuches, ___, Saule, Phylis Foster, Jeane, Margetta Toby, Helen , Beatty, Mrs. Bechwitch. Middle-...

17. Nob Hill Band Nob Hill Band Music see Arts - Music; Nob Hill Band pre 1907. Front row: Frank Sanesloe (piccolo), Sam Berg (slide trombone), Andrew Sanisloe (clarinet); middle row: Charlie Burlingame (snare drum), Ben Linse (cornet), Fred Glazebrook, George...

18. Parade Parade Events--Parades; Elephants in a parade in middle of the street.

19. Yakima Avenue Yakima Avenue Streets--Yakima Avenue; Part of a Postcard showing Yakima Ave. and Scotts Cash Store. "Yakima Ave looking east from Front Street. A sea of mud in winter and foot deep in dust in summer. The horse drawn roller in the middle of...

20. Fire Dept. Squad Fire Dept. Squad Fire Department; Top left to right: --> Chas. Coombs, McK D. Lambert, Ca-1 Brown, Ca-1 Beck, Center ---> Chief E.C. Dawson, Middle---> Lew Perkins, William Parham; Bottom row---> R. L. Bucklin, Gus Perkins, Lon Brown,...
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results 1-20 of 37 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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