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1. Edward Bouchey Family Edward Bouchey Family Washington--Moxee Edward Bouchey Family 1913. They came from East Grand Forks in 1901- settled in Moxee. He built 4 houses in Moxee. The Dupree family lived in one of the homes he built in Moxee City. The youngest child...

2. Old Moxee School Old Moxee School Schools--County--Moxee; Old Moxee School on Birchfield Road

3. Old Moxee School Old Moxee School Schools--County--Moxee; Old Moxee School on Birchfield Road. Principal was Gertrude Deeringhoff.

4. Old Moxee School Old Moxee School Schools--County--Moxee; Old Moxee School Playground

5. Central School; Moxee Central School; Moxee Schools--County--Moxee; Moxee Central School Group Picture

6. Central HS; Moxee Central HS; Moxee Schools--County--Moxee; Moxee Central High School(The one that burned)

7. Moxee Central Schoo Moxee Central Schoo Schools--County--Moxee; Moxee Central School teacher

8. Holy Rosary; Moxee Holy Rosary; Moxee Schools--County--Moxee; Holy Rosary School in Moxee Front Row: Clara Patnode, Mary Louise Robillard, Dulice LaBissoniere, Martha Koreski, Clara Deeringhoff Back Row: Pamel Desallier, Irene Gendron, Elsie Koreski, Cecelia Desmarais,...

9. Holy Rosary; Moxee Holy Rosary; Moxee Churches--Catholic Moxee City: First Church in Moxee in 1906. Built in 1900. Holy Rosary Parrish.

10. Moxee Moxee Agriculture--Crops; From a scrapbook belonging to Samuel Hubbard III who homesteaded for his uncle Gardiner Greene Hubbard 1885-1886 (Moxee Plantation) - "My Home in Moxee"

11. Moxee Mother's Council Club Moxee Mother's Council Club People 1924 President Washington, Martha & colonial ladies at a meeting at the Cocklin home, Moxee. Left to right the members of the Moxee Mother's Council Club are: Mrs. Frank Powell, Mrs. Henry Boersma, Mrs....

12. Moxee City Moxee City Washington--Moxee Postcard of early Moxee City, Washington.

13. Moxee School Moxee School Washington--Moxee Group Picture of Old Moxee School

14. Moxee Cornet Band Moxee Cornet Band Washington--Moxee Newspaper Clipping Brass Band Moxee Residents 7/4/12 Seater L/R Jim Denbeste, Walter Swier, George Degooyer,Roy Van Wechel, William Ekelman, Arthur Glysteen, Ike DenBeste, Harry DenBeste, Henry DeGooyer...

15. Moxee Class Moxee Class Washington--Moxee Group Class Picture Moxee area Early 1940's? Names listed on back of picture: Alfred Clumpner, Bernard Sutile, Erline Riel, Lydia Stuber, Joe Mckuhler, Florence Roulson, Emil Robbilard, Cleo Walker, Bert...

16. Moxee High School Moxee High School Schools--County--Moxee Moxee High School report card of Egon Deeringhoff

17. Moxee's water line Moxee's water line Washington--Moxee Building of Moxee's water line 1911, Leon Charron, Isala(sp)Bouchey, Leon Charron Jr, Orson Fortier, Willie LaBree

18. Moxee Bridge Moxee Bridge Transportation--Bridges Moxee Bridge

19. Moxee Boulevard Grocery Moxee Boulevard Grocery Commercial--Facilities--Grocery Moxee Boulevard Grocery and Feed Store next to Wayenburg home

20. Moxee Moxee Sports--Baseball Moxee City Ball team 1911 or 1912(back row) George Cartier?, Pete Gerber, Don Marks, and Henry Marks(Front Row) Eldige Langevin, Joe Slavin?, Paul Yantis.
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results 1-20 of 639 item(s)  page 1 of 32 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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