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1. Life Boats Life Boats Military--U.S. Navy; Life boats of S.S. President Lincoln before being picked up by U.S.S. Warrington. June 1, 1918, Brest, France. S.S. President Lincoln was sunk by a U-Boat

2. U.S.S. MacDonough U.S.S. MacDonough Military--U.S. Navy U.S.S. MacDonough in Seattle's Harbor

3. U.S.S. President Lincoln U.S.S. President Lincoln Military--U.S. Navy; S.S. President Lincoln. One of the ships made up of the largest convoy that crossed the ocean.

4. U.S.R.S. Headquarters - Yakima U.S.R.S. Headquarters - Yakima Irrigation--Dams U.S.R.S. headquarters building in Yakima

5. Survivors Survivors Military--U.S. Navy; Survivors of the President Lincoln on board the u.S.S. Warrington. President Lincoln's crew in the foreground. Brest, France. June 1, 1918

6. S. S. Sixaola S. S. Sixaola Wars--World War I S. S. Sixaola leaving for United States, with officers and enlisted men on board. Bordeaux, Gironde, France.

7. Watering Equipment Watering Equipment Agriculture--Livestock--Sheep Watering equipment for use with small bands. U.S.S.E.S., Dubois, Idaho.

8. Ice Storage Ice Storage Agriculture--Livestock--Sheep "Four tons of ice stored, hauled from Creels, Dubois, Idaho, U.S.S.E.S. V.O. McWorter, Superintendent, 1916-1922."

9. Water Trough Water Trough Agriculture--Livestock--Sheep Field water trough and tank built while V.O. McWhorter was Superintendent, U.S.S.E.S., Dubois, Idaho.

10. Silo Silo Agriculture--Livestock--Sheep Silo with autos and horse-drawn wagon. "Built while we were there. U.S.S.E.S."

11. Drilling for Water Drilling for Water Agriculture--Livestock--Sheep Drilling for water, Dubois, Idaho, U.S.S. E.S. 1917-1922, V.O. McWhorter, Superintendent.

12. Council of Washington Territory 1881. Council of Washington Territory 1881. Organizations; Officers and members of the Council of Washington Territory 1881. Names listed on a separate sheet. 1. L. B. Sharpskin, 2. ? Hoover, 3. E. Evans, 4. ? Long, 5. A. Kerns, 6. S. W. H ?, 7. J. M. Graden,...

13. K.Lane Johnson K.Lane Johnson People U.S. Navy. Served aboard U.S.S. Milwaukee during thier round the world trip 1907-1909.

14. U.S. Entomological Laboratory U.S. Entomological Laboratory Government Photo U.S. Entomoligcal Laboratory Red Spider investigations, 605 S. 16th Ave., Yakima, WA

15. U.S. Soldiers loading Rations U.S. Soldiers loading Rations Wars--World War I U.S. Soldiers loading Rations onto boxcars

16. U.S. Soldiers on long march U.S. Soldiers on long march Wars--World War I U.S. soldiers marching from Camp Hunt to Genecort, France

17. U.S. Courthouse and Post Office U.S. Courthouse and Post Office Government Postcard U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, Yakima, WA

18. U.S. Reclamation Office U.S. Reclamation Office Government Photo of U.S. Reclamation Office N. 4th Ave. at B Street, N.W. Corner. Built 1907 razed 1970 for Safeway.

19. U.S.O. Nelson Brown Auto Co. U.S.O. Nelson Brown Auto Co. Commercial--Facilities Postcard U.S.O. Nelson Brown Auto Company

20. U.S. Tractor U.S. Tractor Wars--World War I Close up of a U.S. Tractor at Camp Hunt LeCourneau, France
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results 1-20 of 638 item(s)  page 1 of 32 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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