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1. Women's Century Club Women's Century Club

2. George Donald George Donald Came to Yakima City in 1885 as an employee of Northern Pacific. He began Yakima National Bank. He helped finance the Yakima Hotel. His home became the Women's Century Club.

3. Women's Century Club Women's Century Club Interior of the WOmen's Century Club. To the right is the library. Fireplace on left with stairway going up to the bedrooms.

4. Chinese Chairs Chinese Chairs Given as a wedding gift to George Donald. Given by Chinese business men

5. George Donald George Donald George Donald standing on left. George's b-in-law George Vance with pan. Far right is Alexander Miller. In "Perry's field"

6. WWI Nurses WWI Nurses Far left is Mrs. George Donald. Far right is ? Lynch (George Donald's niece)

7. Women's Club Women's Club The first clubhouse the Woman's Club. They bought the Christian Science Church.

8. Membership Membership Membership "pretend stock" - you received when you became a member of the Woman's Club

9. Woman's Century Club Woman's Century Club Pretend stock for becoming a member

10. William Henry Harrison Weatherwax William Henry Harrison Weatherwax Architect of the George Donald house.

11. Dining room Dining room Furniture made at Cascade Mill Furniture Factory. Total of 12 chairs. The table extends to 18 feet.

12. George Donald George Donald Built the home that would become the Women's Century Club. Built in 1908 for $25,000. He was an employee of the Railroad. President of Yakima National Bank.

13. Rosealma Club Rosealma Club Rose Larson is on the left pouring tea. The one on the right, sitting, is Alma Graham. They started the Rosealma club. This is a mother's day tea.

14. Living room Living room

15. Mock Wedding Mock Wedding Mock wedding, a function of the Woman's Club of Yakima and the Twentieth Century Club. This was a joining of the two clubs to become the Women's Century Club.

16. Wedding Ceremony? Wedding Ceremony? Woman's Club of Yakima at Mrs. Whitcomb's house. May be a mock wedding ceremony.

17. Mary Donald Mary Donald Second wife of George Donald. They had four children. He came from New York on vacation and met George Donald.

18. Woman's Century Club Woman's Century Club Interior. Built in Buffet made at Cascade Furniture. Contains a hidden safe.

19. Woman's Century Club Woman's Century Club Outside. Addition is on the right

20. George Donald House George Donald House Just after completion. Wooden house was there previously.
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results 1-20 of 8391 item(s)  page 1 of 420 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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