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1. Transporting Locomotive by Cableway Transporting Locomotive by Cableway Irrigation--Dams Locomotive engine attached to cableway

2. 18 ton Steam Locomotive Takes Ride on Cableway 18 ton Steam Locomotive Takes Ride on Cableway Irrigation--Dams Steam locomotive attached to cableway

3. Graduation Photo Graduation Photo People; The photograph is inscribed "To Mr. and Mrs. Matsushita Sincerely, Fumi." Attached sticker reads "Class of '46."

4. Yakima Hardware Yakima Hardware Commercial--Facilities--Hardware; Men unloading crated Frigidaire refrigerators from a boxcar onto a Yakima Hardware Co. pickup truck. Large sign attached to boxcar reads: Just received another boxcar of Frigidaires...Yakima Hardware Co....

5. Betty Ann Wilkins Betty Ann Wilkins People Betty Ann Wilkins with Royal Goldham Hermit. Attached to the photo is an article on Judge Rankin and a return address sticker for Mrs. Rankin.

6. Soldiers at the Front Soldiers at the Front Wars--World War I; Soldiers at the front are given canned fuirts, sweets, and cigarettes by American Red Cross attached to Second Division. June 30, 1918

7. Class Reunion Class Reunion People See the sheet attached to the photo.

8. Water Pumper Wagon Water Pumper Wagon Fire Department--Equipment; Fire engine and water pumper wagon attached outside Fire Department No. 2.

9. Mr. & Mrs. Lee Miner Mr. & Mrs. Lee Miner Events--Diamond Jubilee; Mr. & Mrs. Lee Miner dressed in pioneer garb. Newspaper clipping attached. Miner's suit was worn by his grandfather, the late Victor Charron at is wedding in Crookston, Minn. 73 years before. Charron's...

10. Hospitality Division Members Hospitality Division Members Events--Diamond Jubilee; Yakima 75th Anniversary Celebration Hospitality members: Hilliard Joseph, dignitary reception and visitor transportation and housing; Mrs. Leon Hoff, hospitality center; Homer Splawn, chairman; Williams...

11. Old Time Accessory Old Time Accessory Events--Diamond Jubilee; A handbag of the pioneer era is admired by, from left, Mrs. Dolly Staffan, Mrs. Dale D. Shelton, Mrs. L. Stubblefield and Mrs. Henry Webster of Yakima. The women are wearing pioner dress on Yakima' first...

12. Prairie Ship Prairie Ship Museums & Galleries; C. M. Jerome and daughters, Carol Jerome, left, and May Jerome, all of Mabton, look at a Conestoga wagon of 1840 at Gannon's Museum of Wagons in Mabton. Newspaper clipping attached.

13. Homemade Costumes Homemade Costumes Events--Diamond Jubilee; Mrs. M. A. Bachison, left, and Mrs. C. H. Cox model costumes. Newspaper clipping attached. Mrs. Bachison shows her black lace stocks and pink garter bow. Mrs. Bachison is a police matron and Mrs. Cox is...

14. Mrs. John Leauthier Mrs. John Leauthier Events--Diamond Jubilee; Mrs. John Leauthier in Jubilee costume May 13, 1960. Newspaper clipping attached.

15. Women in Costume Women in Costume Events--Diamond Jubilee; Wild West Women in Jubilee dress. Newspaper article attached. Doris Graber, left, and Kayrol Kaveano were going to town.

16. North Side Yakima Avenue North Side Yakima Avenue Streets--Yakima Avenue--1950 to 1960; North side Yakima Avenue from Front Street to Washington Hotel to be wrecked to make way for another downtown off-street parking project. Newspaper clipping attached.

17. Jim Smith and Horse Tony Jim Smith and Horse Tony Events--Pioneer; Events--Diamond Jubilee; Jim Smith and horse Tony with a buggy that Smith drove to work during Diamond Jubilee celebration. A descendant of two pioneer families, Smith entered his rig in the parade. Newspaper clipping attached....

18. Gannon Museum Gannon Museum Museums & Galleries--Washington; Gannon Museum of Wagons in Mabton, WA. Located on the Mabton-Sunnyside highway. A display of antique horsedrawn vehicles are displayed. Newspaper article attached.

19. Souvenir Clothing Souvenir Clothing Events--Diamond Jubilee; Miss Mary Remy and Guy E. Frost are dressed in clothes from their 1902 and 1908 graduations. Newspaper clipping attached. Miss Remy wears the gown she wore to her 1902 graduation from Yakima High School....

20. Mattoon Cabin Mattoon Cabin Houses--Log Cabins; Pioneer home built in Parker Bottoms by J. P. Mattoon in 1867. The adobe fire place is as it appeared when it provided heat and cooking fires for the occupants. Newspaper clipping attached.
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results 1-20 of 40 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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