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1. Carroll Hull Carroll Hull People Interview with Carroll Meredith Hull. Fruit growing by 3 generations of the Hulls. Time 52:55

2. Decorated cars Decorated cars Events Postcard decorated and numbered cars. President Taft?

3. Japanese woman and cars Japanese woman and cars People Young Japanese woman standing between two cars; note on back: taken during Wapato dedication

4. Issei Caravan Issei Caravan Parks; Transportation--Auto; Recreation; Two cars parked on a dirt road in a wooded area. The caption reads "On the way to Yellowstone National Park 1920. Caravan (four touring cars) of adventure seeking Issei men from Wapato area."

5. Cars Cars People; Transportation--Auto; Men in two cars traveling through grassland. Possibly a hunting party.

6. Troops in Rail Cars Troops in Rail Cars Wars--World War I; Troops bound for the interior. Rail Cars accomidate 40-50 men and 8-10 horses

7. Dodge Brothers Motor Cars Dodge Brothers Motor Cars Commercial--Facilities--Auto; Dodge Brothers Motor Cars building with several autos in front. One is Arcade Department Store delivery truck. George Swasey far left. Brady Layman center.

8. Dodge Brothers Motor Cars Dodge Brothers Motor Cars Commercial--Facilities--Auto Men and automobiles in front of Dodge Brothers Motor Cars and a shoe store. On the back two names are written to identify two of the men - George Swasy (left), Brady Layman (center).

9. Parade of Cars Parade of Cars Transportation--Auto; The parade of hardtops to races- the first race on the Yakima Speedway in 1956. We had 18 cars there. We went east from 6th Ave. down Yakima Ave. to the race track.

10. A Nearly Completed Tieton Dam A Nearly Completed Tieton Dam Irrigation--Dams Rail cars atop the Tieton Dam construction site - 3 locomotives moving material

11. In the pits at Yakima Fairgrounds In the pits at Yakima Fairgrounds Sports--Auto Racing Cars before the start of the race and possibly the pace car

12. Parking Lot Parking Lot Events--Fairs--Washington State Fair 1894-1932 Cars lined up in the parking lot at the fairgrounds.

13. Street Car Entrance Street Car Entrance Events--Fairs--Washington State Fair 1894-1932 Street cars at the entrance to the fair.

14. Moving "Muck" Moving "Muck" Irrigation--Dams Shovel putting "muck" in train cars for removal

15. Preparing for Race Preparing for Race Sports--Auto Racing Grandstand view of race cars in pits prior to race at the Central Washington Fairgrounds

16. Dirt Train On Dump Dirt Train On Dump Irrigation--Dams Train with cars full moving along track

17. "How officers Travelled" "How officers Travelled" Wars--World War I officers travel by train in spacious cars

18. "How the Men Travelled" "How the Men Travelled" Wars--World War I G.I.s travelled in packed cars

19. Car Repairing Car Repairing Irrigation--Dams 4 workers repairing broken rail cars used in Tieton Dam construction

20. Marion Bleam Shovel in "Muck" Marion Bleam Shovel in "Muck" Irrigation--Dams Steam shovel loading rail cars with "muck"
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results 1-20 of 70 item(s)  page 1 of 4 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  >> ) :: previous : next
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