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 Image: Title: Subject: Description:

1. Carroll Hull Carroll Hull People Interview with Carroll Meredith Hull. Fruit growing by 3 generations of the Hulls. Time 52:55

2. Fruit Tree Sprayer Fruit Tree Sprayer Agricultural Machinery & Equipment--Sprayers; Early type fruit tree sprayer. Believed to be one type used in the Yakima Valley.

3. 2003-064-002 2003-064-002 People Photo of O. H. Damon

4. 2003-064-008 2003-064-008 People Photo of a woman

5. San Juan Inn San Juan Inn Commercial--Facilities--Restaurants; Building with a sign reading San Juan Inn, with Model-T type cars parked next to it. Written beneath: Road house at Ventura.

6. Jack Splawn I Jack Splawn I People Jack Splawn I 1873. "A copy of a photo copy or an original tin type in "Boxed" pair of photos with photo album #18."

7. Ram Ram Agriculture--Livestock--Sheep B type ram No. 305

8. Barracks Barracks Wars--World War I; Standard type barracks showing Camouflage Is-Sur-Tillr, Cote d' Or, France November 1918

9. Ram Ram Agriculture--Livestock--Sheep B type ram No. 305

10. Wounded Wounded Wars--World War I Cartoon type drawing of a nurse and a patient. Caption copied.

11. Water Wheel Water Wheel Irrigation--Water Wheels; A type of water wheel used in town for irrigation. Looking east. To the right of this water wheel is the house belonging William Young, teamster.

12. Horse Drawn Sprayer Horse Drawn Sprayer Agriculture--Crops--Apples-Spraying; Workers using a horse drawn sprayer -- large tank type.

13. Carriage by Michael Schorn Carriage by Michael Schorn Transportation--Carriages & Carts; Carriage built by Michael Schorn, 6-8 E. Chestnut, Yakima, WA. Painted by Schorn note - on back says a certain type of paint not available before 1908.

14. Auto Auto Transportation--Auto; Front side view of a delivery wagon type automobile.

15. Keechelus Dam Construction Keechelus Dam Construction Dams--Keechelus; Page type excavator bucket made at the U.S.R.S. shops.

16. Swearing In Swearing In Clothing & Dress--Men; What appears to be two men in dress suits at a swearing in ceremony of some type.

17. Office Office Commercial--Facilities Photo of office of unknown type, could be fuel or warehouse office.

18. Yakima Republic Yakima Republic Commercial--Facilities--Newspaper; Type setting area for Yakima Republic.

19. Yakima Republic Yakima Republic Commercial--Facilities--Newspaper; Workers on a type setting machine at the Yakima Republic.

20. Yakima Bindery Yakima Bindery Commercial--Facilities Layout area over Majestic Theatre. Notice the wooden cabinets that held lead type in the right of the photo (long before desk top publishing).
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results 1-20 of 20 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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