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1. Booklet Booklet People Rice paper with Japanese writing wrapping small booklet with Japanese writing and symbols on it

2. Paper Baskets Paper Baskets Organizations--Campfire; Rymmel Christenson, Sheila Kerman, and Dorothy June Lessy making paper baskets.

3. Riverside Schoo Riverside Schoo Schools--County--Moxee; Riverside School March 27, 1907, Teacher Marie Meschke, Amos Keys, Top Row First from Left: Elsie Matterson, Top row 4th from Left: Isabel Keys, Third Teacher from Right: Emiline Harter next teacher: John...

4. Holy Rosary Construction Holy Rosary Construction Churches 1950 Church Rectory Drawing

5. McAbee House--Yakima McAbee House--Yakima Houses--McAbee House Wall coverings, carpentry, and masonry at 3204 Sharon Way. Schumacher papers used in living room and dining room(Patience Pattern), Bedroom(Locket Pattern). Carpentry: Mr ferguson; Carland Adam Kinney's...

6. Yakima Women's Club Yakima Women's Club Organizations--Women's Clubs

7. National League National League Organizations--Women's Clubs National League of American Pen Women (Yakima Chapter)

8. McAbee House McAbee House Houses--McAbee House Vistors at 3204 Sharon Way in 1966. Lois Gilhart, Lois Ide, Gerald T. Dennis, Paulette Walker, Julare Norword, Frank Norwood, Cindy Stephney, Fay E. Berg, Iris Hassell, James W. Adams, Andrew G. Neal,...

9. McAbee House McAbee House Houses--McAbee House Visitors at 3204 Sharon way in 1966. Florence Robinson, Rosie Holmes, Doug Walker, Richard G. Freauff, Francis Rankin, Flora & Al Sonnen, Beulah Lewis, Ella Cruce, Lois Dalzell, Clifford Jones, Ian H....

10. McAbee House McAbee House Houses--McAbee House Vistors at 3204 Sharon Way. Margaret Baker, Lydia Thompson, Jewell Simpson, Gertrude Burrill, Marie Jacquis, Catherine Cesar, Ruby L. Northey, Mrs, Lena B. Schmidt, Mrs. K. A.(Elsie) Thompson, Helen King,...

11. McAbee House McAbee House Houses--McAbee House Description Tag taken from Organdy material made into curtains costing $20.00. Made by Lee Ann and Bella Rash. Used in McAbee House.

12. Graduation Graduation Schools; Remi Rouleau. Eight Grade graduation

13. Central School students Central School students Schools Postcard 3rd grade class Central School. Some names listed on paper on back of card. "Row 1-#4 Fred Bowlby, #5 Stanley -, #7 Harry Schnik, #8 Lawrence McCurdy. Row 2-#6 Laura Marble, #1 Fredrick Lund (in...

14. Mrs. Lillian Peck Mrs. Lillian Peck Organizations--Masons; Mrs. Lillian A. Peck - Grand Matron 1915-1916

15. Harvesting Potatoes Harvesting Potatoes Agriculture--Crops--Potatoes; Yasutaro Matsushiti (possibly Mr. Tomita) driving team with potato harvester. Photo is placed on paper with caption: Digging potatoes, Bench area Brownstown, Early 1920s, Y. Matsushita

16. Letter written to G. R. Huston by Juan Sibulius Letter written to G. R. Huston by Juan Sibulius Organizations--Masons; Letter written to G. Robert Huston by musician Jean Sibelius, a Finnish composer of some note who composed music for the Masonic Temple

17. Inscription Inscription People; Inscription on back of 2009-101-203

18. Hunting Licenses Hunting Licenses People; The back of hunting licenses issued to Yasutaro Matsushita.

19. Registration Form Registration Form Military--Internment; A class registration form from Heart Mountain for Kiyoko Matsushita.

20. Hunting Licenses Hunting Licenses People; Hunting licenses issued to Yatsutaro Matsushita.
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results 1-20 of 105 item(s)  page 1 of 6 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  >> ) :: previous : next
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